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At In The Zone Consulting, our comprehensive D, E & I strategies ensure that your recruitment efforts, professional development programs and other organizational development efforts are aligned to produce successful diversity outcomes that are real and measurable. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy Design
Many organizations make efforts to develop a more diverse workforce through the recruiting process. But rarely do businesses treat diversity and inclusion as a strategy that drives real business results. At In The Zone Consulting, we make it our business to align D, E & I efforts to your business objectives, and we design programs with results that are measurable. Our goal is to make D, E & I an integral part of our clients’ business success.  

Leadership Coaching – Valuing Diversity 
An important first step in diversity, equity and inclusion programming is to assess the current state of leadership and organizational readiness as a baseline for establishing a strategic plan. This step is foundational and is the single most important causal factor in the success or failure of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. Through this analysis, we are able to assess whether the business case for D, E & I aligns with the leaders’ vision, interest and readiness for the change that may be necessary to achieve sustainable outcomes and results. To this end In The Zone Consulting provides coaching to leaders to assist with the acclimation to change necessary to support success.  

Cultural Readiness Assessment
Embarking on a diversity initiative when the timing or circumstances are not ideal can be fraught and endanger present and future efforts to be more inclusive. In The Zone Consulting emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive cultural readiness assessment as part of its D, E & I strategic planning. If an organization does not value accountability, transparency, respect and high performance as cultural norms, D, E & I efforts will only make these deficiencies more apparent. To maximize opportunities for success, an organization must take its own pulse to get a realistic assessment of what is possible.  

Strategic Recruitment 
Creating a sustainable diverse workforce does not just happen. Hiring diverse candidates who will be successful in your organization requires a search that integrates in depth understanding of the business, the culture, and the competitive environment in which you operate. And last and most importantly, it requires targeted recruitment strategies that align with these considerations. In The Zone Consulting develops diversity recruiting strategies that are customized to our clients’ specific needs. And as with all our recruitment efforts, we screen, short list, and pre-qualify candidates so that the best matches are presented. We know that organizational fit really matters, particularly with diverse candidates, so we use sophisticated psychometric tools to validate our search selections. And then we provide the In The Zone Consulting difference — 90-days of coaching after placement to ensure a smooth integration into the new position to optimize the potential for success.  

Employee Engagement Measurement & Programming
Employee engagement is an especially important component of maintaining a diverse workforce. All employees need to feel valued at work. This may be even more true for diverse employees. Historically, diversity programming has been treated as something of an island unto itself. But when employees are marginalized in this way, they feel less valued and their commitment to the company’s success wanes. In The Zone Consulting works with leadership to set measurable goals for integrating diversity into organizational leadership development decisions, promotions and professional development initiatives. We then implement various strategies to ensure that your recruitment efforts, professional development programs and other organizational development efforts are aligned to achieve these goals.


What we Do!

Diversity is not an end in and of itself. At In The Zone Consulting, we believe diversity, equity and inclusion are business imperatives that can drive successful performance and an improved bottom line. This is not simply our opinion. Forbes examined the stock performance of the 26 publicly traded companies headed by women on its “2010 Power Women 100” list and found that, on average, companies in the group outperformed their industries by 15% and the overall market by 28%.


Dr. Mark’s Services

Counseling & Coaching

You have spent a great deal of time and effort to recruit talented diverse employees, but your retention numbers for these employees are poor. 

Training & Development

Diverse employees need to be actively engaged from the moment they walk through the door. A comprehensive engagement strategy that is championed by leadership sends the message that all employees are valued and nurtured. 

Keynotes & Speaking

Dr. Mark’s messages are relatable, actionable and evidence-based. He speaks on Communication, Inclusive Leadership, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 


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