In The Zone



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In The Zone

Often referred to as “The Hurdler,” Crear offers encouragement that is faith sensitive, clinically sound, and easily applicable. If we don’t learn a personal technique to deal with life’s obstacles that block success, we will be defeated. Obstacles are inevitable, but failure is not. People need to be able to find “the zone”: that place of heightened awareness where all the pieces seem to fall together effortlessly, time slows down, everything is in sync, and nothing distracts you from your goal.

“I’ve had success and failure, but through it all I have discovered that there is a consistency in success that comes only from living in the zone,” notes Crear. “I have discovered a formula that works for me, a formula that might also help others to find, enter, and stay in their zone to overcome their hurdles and succeed.”

“The objective of In the Zone is to help readers by offering principles that have worked for me. The course of my life has taken me through painful relationships, disappointments, betrayal, and defeat. I’ve been tripped up and made false starts, but I’ve always kept my eyes on the prize,” says Crear. “I always strive to be the kind of person who commands respect and trust. As a result, my life’s path has also taken me to Olympic glory, number one rankings, and to becoming a father and an entrepreneur. I am a witness that you can bounce back. I am living proof that no matter what you are faced with, you can overcome. All you have to do is work the plan to find your zone. If you faithfully apply the principles in this book, you, too, can be the first to break the tape at your personal finish line.”

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